Sunday, April 24, 2016

Battle of the Bands Results: Naked Eyes Win

 Naked Eyes won my Battle of the Bands for April 15. Voter turn out was low. There are lots of reasons for that. The artists weren't as famous as Animal. Where my Battle on the first benefited from the A to Z Challenge, I think this one was hindered since some of the usual suspects were busy with that challenge. Also, I posted it late in the day since I got a little twisted up with dates, letters and artists. Oh, well the Battle will go back to normal on May 1st.

We celebrate the victors on my blog so here is some ore music from The Naked Eyes!

"Promises, Promises"....

"Burning Bridges"....

"No Flowers Please"..

Thanks for visiting! I will kick off the final week of the A to Z Challenge with a new post in few.


Michele Truhlik said...

I'm glad Naked Eyes won. I voted for their version.

Yes, voting was definitely down for the BOTBs because of the A-Z I think. Will be good to get back to normal in May.

Have a good week Mike.

Michele at Angels Bark

Jeffrey Scott said...

I believe I voted, and I believe I voted for Naked Eyes, but I'm too swamped to go back and check. Which reminds me, I FORGOT TO POST MY RESULTS!!!!!

I will try and get mine out today.

mike spain said...

Jeffrey Scott that is why I set Sundays for results during the A to Z

Jeffrey Scott said...

That's a good idea. Anyway, I quickly posted something today.