Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A to Z Challenge: kids now and then

A quick post today since I am traveling. It is strange to talk about your kid when you are in the house you were raised in when you were her age. Have you had any strange moments like that or anything that ?


Robin said...

Well, no, but I can see how it would feel like a "full circle moment."

Jeffrey Scott said...

I remember where my grandma lived fondly. She moved away when I was just a child. It was an apartment building but I thought the building was very cool. Years later, a room mate and I rented the studio apartment in the exact same building. I wasn't there for very long. Years later, I was married and one of the first places my wife and I lived was a small apartment towards the back of the exact same building. I often wonder how odd it would be if yet years later, one of my children or grand children rent a place in an apartment building where I used to live.