Monday, December 2, 2013

Woody Sez is Back at Theatre J

Woody Sez: The Life & Music of Woody Guthrie is back at Theatre J in Washington, D.C. When I reviewed it last year I discovered it was pretty much the same production that worked the stages of London's West End (the English equivalent of Broadway.) The same cast, design and director. In reality you get see a West End quality production up close at Theatre J. The show is easily one of the best values for musical theater in Washington. You can read my review of last year's show here.

However, it is a different year. How is this years production? Apparently this year's production is still incredible! Christina Marie Frank of DC Metro Theater gives the production five stars! You can read her review here. John Stoltenberg also from DC Metro Theater Arts also chimed in on the experience and you can read his views here. However, I would encourage you to check out a performance for your self.

Here is a trailer for the show from another theater. Yes it is a traveling show.

After the show stay for the Hootenanny to hear even more music. Below is a little taste..

Here they perform "Bound for Glory"

Trust me the show is packed with more music.Plus there is a distinct dramatic side to it and a story to be told. Go and catch the show if you can.

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