Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Year Ago Sandy Hook

The following people could have been great leaders, doctors, athletes, teachers, inventors, musicians, artists, Mothers, Fathers, and the list could keep going. They all should be enjoying second grade. I remember them in my blog in this list:

  • Charlotte Bacon 

  • Daniel Barden

  • Olivia Engel

  • Josephine Gay

  • Dylan Hockley

  • Madeleine Hsu

  • Catherine Hubbard

  • Chase Kowalski

  • Jesse Lewis

  • Ana Marquez-Greene

  • James Mattioli

  • Grace McDonnell

  • Emilie Parker

  • Jack Pinto

  • Noah Pozner

  • Caroline Previdi

  • Jessica Rekos

  • Avielle Richman

  • Benjamin Wheeler

  • Allison Wyatt

I wonder what dreams they had. My heartbreaks at the heartbreak their parents endured. It is sad to think about what will never be.

The following lost their lives too. They aren't famous or wealthy. They are missed. They are true heroes..

Dawn Hochsprung Sandy Hook's principal

Mary Shelach the school's psychologist

Victoria Leigh Soto Teacher

Lauren Roussaeu teacher
e da
Rachel D'Avino Teacher's aid

Anne Marie Murphy Teacher's aid

Nancy Lanza I am sorry your child killed you. Adam Lanza, I am sorry you killed all those people. I am sorry you killed your mom. I am sorry you didn't get the help you needed. I am sorry no one kept you away from guns. 

They are gone but not forgotten. May one day we lift each other up. Lay our hurt and pain down. No need to kill one another. Share shoulders to cry on. Share comfort. It would be a better world..

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