Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jim Morrison and John Lennon

December 8 marks what would have been Jim Morrison's 70 birthday and today marks the anniversary of John Lennon's death. Both died early one by the excesses of being The Lizard King and one by a bullet. Both were great poets. That is where the comparison should end.Lennon had more musical talents, while Morrison was more The Shaman of Rock and Roll. Both left us with a great musical legacy.

Let the Celebration proceed..The Doors "Light My Fire"

Let's travel "Across the Universe" with John and The Beatles..

Jim's thoughts on the future of music was he right?

The Doors "Indian Summer"

John Lennon "Watching The Wheels Go By"

Thoughts on a reunion..

Another great song..

What do we do now "When The Music's Over"

"Celebration of the Lizard"

"Instant Kharma"

The songs could go on but I "Imagine" I will wrap this post up..

"This Is the End"

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