Friday, December 13, 2013

Kelly Thomas

I blog a lot about famous musicians, actors, and famous people who die. Perhaps someone in that realm who might be more obscure, but somewhere they had their 15 minutes of fame or more. I read on social media posts after blogging about Paul Walker's death that no one ever writes about ordinary people who pass away. I took that as a challenge. Work one in now and then.

Well, today's blog is about a guy name Kelly Thomas. He was a 37 year old homeless man. Reportedly mentally handicapped with the mental capacity of a child. The homeless that grabbed me too.I have worked with various organizations to stop homelessness. I see it everywhere. It is a major problem.

Today on Facebook on my feed I had two posts back to back. One about a police officer shoving an attack dog through the window of a suspects car to bite said suspect. That was pretty bad, then the next post was about Kelly Thomas. I've met some very nice police officers. I call some my friends. The actions of these cops were not right.

Don't watch the video at work. It is graphic, there is foul language, it is disturbing. Police were called to the area about a person breaking into cars that is why Kelly Thomas was being questioned. Investigators later confirmed Kelly Thomas did not break into the cars.

Below is the video..

The homeless are people they have rights too. Most police officers aren't like this.Obviously some are as the video shows. Could more training help? Questions we all can ask. Did Kelly Thomas deserve to die? No. Could this have been prevented? Yes. Do homeless people need places to live? Yes.

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