Sunday, December 29, 2013

Logan Brill's Walking Wires

Above Logan Brill performs one of her new songs from the album "Walking Wires." Well, I haven't written as much as I have wanted to lately. The truth is my life is a bit crazy right now. Then on top of that there is the Holidays. Well, I was writing some articles on examiner and I took interest in one of the opening acts. Logan Brill, she is young and beautiful like so many other Country artists on the scene today. However, I found her music more honest less pop and more Americana. Sure the themes are familiar but she found a way to seperate herself musically. You can read what I thought here.

I liked the music I stumbled into something nice to listen too. Check it out and see if you agree. As a writer I was proud to see it was featured in Yahoo! Voices music since it had been a while since I have written on that site. I will be back there in the new year.

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