Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baja Florida

A good year for reading I just finished my second Bob Morris book this year in his Zack Chasteen series.

Baja Florida 5 by Bob Morris (2010, Hard...

In this book he goes out to help a friend find his daughter. The novel takes or hero from Florida to the Bahamas. Before long he is facing murder charges and more. It is a fun, tropical read. Short chapters, funny and fun and lots of actions. His books are  suspenseful and fun and hold my interest.

Bob Morris is an award winning travel writer, a journalist, and a great researcher and it shows in his fiction work. Add his expertise, with action, and humor and that is why I like his work.You can learn more about this author at his website.Now that I am caught up with this series I might read some of his other books.

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