Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Capital Fringe: The Actual Dance

The Actual Dance gave great insight on what it is like to be the spouse of someone who comes down with cancer, in this case breast cancer. Since, my mom has had cancer (not breast cancer) and I know a little about what my Dad has gone through. I have an Aunt who has survived Breast Cancer. I have blogged about several people who haven't survived cancer. You can read my review here.

Samuel A. Simon has put together a show that is heart touching and honest. His performance is well done and from the heart. He is also perhaps one of the warmest people at The Capital Fringe. He greets the audience afte the show, he offers to talk about the show at a local coffee house, and he shares on stage what he went through.

I thought it was more of an autobiographical story telling than a play. The show didn't blow me away. However, it was a touching show and not bad for his first play. It is worth seeing if you want to know how cancer effects others not just the victem. If you want to see honesty this show bares it.

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