Thursday, July 25, 2013

Strange Twists of Fate and Robert Plant

Robert Plant was in town this week. I was really tempted to go. I was working  a project so I would have to go by the venue on the way home any way. The show was assigned to another writer. I was putting off getting tickets fuguring I would buy one at the venue the day of the show. Just in case I was too tired or something came up. My wife being sensible asked "how I was going to pay for it?" I avoided conflict by simply stating I don't know. Well the night before the show I got an email from the writer who said she couldn't make it and asked if I would want to cover the show? Well of course I said the obvious answer.
The rest was history and here is the view from my seat..

You can read my review here. It is pretty long, since I did cover every song.

Bombino was the opening act with their Nomadic style of guitar driven Afro-pop from Niger.

Here they play a song "Tenere"

They played a 40 minute set and they were plugged in the whole time.

Robert Plant played for 1:40 minutes, playing seven Led Zeppelin songs. It was the first time he had played Wolf Trap.

Here is how Robert Plant ended his show with Led Zeppelin's classic "Rock and Roll"

Enjoy I know I did..

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