Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Richard Petty!

I am not a big Nascar fan. The race is a tad long to keep my attention span. The cars are cool! I have heard it is an awesome experience live. I do enjoy the highlights, I guess that feeds my inner demented self I like seeing the wrecks. I follow the sport cassually.

When I was a kid, like most boys of my era we had our racetracks with our little motorized cars. You know the ones with the little slot. Anyway my racing favorite when I was growing up was Richard Petty. He was legend and in my mind he was Nascar racing.

This was a bit before my time...here is his flip at Darlington

He was in the first class inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. He wa sinducted into the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame and the Motorsports Halll of Fame of America. He also recieved the Medal of Freedom from President Bush. Perhaps the reason I liked him was he won 81 races from the time I was born until I was 13.

Last lap...

A true legend 200 victories and a member of multiple racing hall of fames. 

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