Saturday, December 1, 2012

World AIDS Day

It is sad I didn't realize today was World AIDs Day until I read a post on FACEBOOK from HIV survivor and basketball great Magic Johnson. It is almost as if this disease was kind of forgotten about in my world. The majority of the folks I have blogged about in my blog have died from cancer. Cancer is the disease that has effected my family in recent years. It is like cancer has been the elephant in my room and AIDS has been covered up, hidden in a corner.

It shouldn't be hidden! It is not a disease which should be hidden or forgotten about. It is a dangerous disease which needs to be cured. In the main time people should take steps to protect themselves, test themselves, and help prevent the spread of AIDs. It is something that people shouldn't be made fun of for having, it is a medical condition, it is something that should be treated and folks with it should be strong and lifted up with love, prayers, and thought.

In my lifetime we lost a great singer and perhaps the greatest rock frontmen of all time in Freddie Mercury

I cover music, theater, sports and entertainment a world that has had its share of AIDs losses.

Magic Johnson is an example of someone living with HIV and making a difference...

And many have died in the the theater world. I was lucky enough to see Lonely Planet which dealt with the AIDs epidemic earlier this year. You can read that review here. Hopefully AIDs/HIV will be wiped out! One can hope.

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