Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reflections on the Holiday

Well I made it through Christmas. The night before Christmas Eve I was able to go caroling with my daughter, stepson, and my parents. It was neat to go on a winter hayride through Charles Town, West Virginia. The fellowship was nice sharing cookies, cider and hot cocoa. Caroling is something I haven't done since I was in college at a small school in the southern mountains of West Virginia some 20 years ago.

The snow came Christmas Eve day. My daughter was able to make it to her pageant at the Christmas Eve service. My wife couldn't make even though she tried the slow traffic kept her from making it. I tried to it but my front wheel drive was not making it through the icy snow. My roads were not treated.

However,, my kids were able to have an awesome Christmas. Thanks mostly to my parents and my Uncle. My Christmas was humble. However, it is more for the kids and seeing them happy.

Now it is just another snowy, icy day. The house is quiet. My wife had to go to work and is spending the night at a friends so she doesn't have to venture out on the roads. My stepson is Iowa to see his dad, and my daughter is at the hotel with her grandparents.

Here I sit alone, typing the blog. The grey skies have darkened to black. The sleet has dwindled down to drizzle. 

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