Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Football Post Number 2

A little delayed since I was busy with the holidays. However, none the less  I have written some new football related articles since my last football post and I wil give you update on my fantasy football team.

Fantasy Football

My fantasy football team did not make the playoffs. So, the next best thing is to win the consolation round. Not only did I step away from my blog due t the holidays I also stepped away from my fantasy team. My lineup was what it was. I did not make any moves or change anything. My team won anyway. Now if they would have won the previous week I would havebeen in the playoffs. Oh well that is life and my team survives to play one more week.


Okay the team I cover for Outside the Redzone, the Jacksonville Jaguars are having an awful season. However, they did play the New England Patriots and the score was closer than most folks expected. You can read my recap here.


Bowl season is here! I wriote an article about place to watch the bowl games around me. If you like you can read it here.I also wrote an article about the Florida Gators five best moments in Bowl History which turned out to be about five different bowl games. You can read that here. Since the Gators are going to the Sugar Bowl here are highlights from their last visit...

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