Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Greater than football

My weekly football postwon't happen this week. Yes I wrote about football and I will write plenty more about it this month. However, there are things greater than football. I know it is more than a game, the NFL is an industry, it is big money but still some things are greater.

A human life is more important. It is doubled when two lives are lost. A baby now without parents is more important. Kasandra Perkins did not deserve to die. I know relationships can be tough. Jovan Belcher killed her. He was obviously troubled. Then he killed himself. Now Zoey Belcher has no living parents. I don't offer any excuses, he was seeking help, unfortunatly he did not find the help he needed.

Here is video of the news..

This happened Saturday, the NFL and the team played the game on Sunday. If anyone cares the Cheifs won. However, Zoey lost her parents.

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