Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holidays at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

I admit I like It's A Wonderful Life after all it is a great story. However, watching the movie over and over again year afrter year gets a little stale. Well this year in Frederick, Maryland you can see It's A Wonderful Life: A Life Radio Play in a completely different way. They take us back to a time before television, back to a time where stories were told over radio airwaves. They did an awesome job with this production and you can read my review here.

They are also doing a production of A Christmas Carol ast the Weinberg Center this weekend. It is a bigger stage and a wonderful venue. It has become a Holiday tradition in Frederick. I reviewed the show last year and here is a link to my review.

And yes The Puss and Boots show is still going on a great performance for younfer audience and another play within a play. They are one busy theater right now with three productions going and all three are great!

Here is a comercial for the theatre highlighting their Holiday offerings...

Here is a promo for It's A Wonderful Life: A Life Radio Play

Well I hope you enjoy andd I will be back soon with a new post...

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