Friday, May 4, 2012

The Party is Over Rest in Peace

Adam Yauch, the Beastie Boys' rapper better known as MCA lost his battle with cancer. He was 47 again a little to closer to my age. I hate cancer, my Aunt battled it and won and my mom battled it and won. But cancer claimed Levon helm and now MCA.

I'm not a huge rap fan but I do like almost every kind of music. The Beastie Boys hey day was in my youth. I did like them. I cranked up there songs on DC101 back in the day. He was also a founder and participant who made the Tibetan Freedom Concerts take place. The Tibetan Freedom Concert was my first multi-day, multi-act festival that I went too. I didn't like the lightning strikes.So Adam did help make one of the biggest music events I have gone too take place. I think everyone knows this song..

Here are some clips from one of the Tibetan Freedom Concert...


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