Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day Football

Ok, I published my thankful thanksgiving post in the wee hours..which still called Wednesday. I've been writing about serious matters in this blog for the last week about the homeless.

So it is time to talk about something else to change it up. Are you ready for some Turkey Day Football? The NFL is going to offer you three games for your gridiron feast. The first game is Green Bay at Detroit. The Packers are 6-4 and fighting for a playoff spot. The Lions are 2-8.

Second game features the Oakland Raiders at the Dallas Cowboys. The Raiders are 3-7 and the Cowboys are 7-3. The Cowboys are fighting to win a division title.

The third game features two 6-4 teams. The New York Giants meet the Denver Broncos. Denver has been sliding with 4 straight losses in a row.

A more in depth preview can be found here. I just needed to update the records since it was written 20 days ago.

There are college games too!

Texas at Texas A&M today.

On Friday there are a ton of games. Like Alabama-Auburn, Illinois at Cincinnati's, and Pitt at West Virginia.

Check my rankings for my rankings and full schedule here.

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