Thursday, November 12, 2009

The day the music died..

A friend of mine hooked me up with free tickets to see Roger Daltrey of the Who in concert at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore. I thought I was off the hook for my anniversary which was the next day. However, the concert was cancelled! Just my luck...

Well we had the babysitter lined up so we had an enjoyable evening out watching a movie. The next day on our actual anniversary we decided to go see a reggae band playing in Washington, DC. We drove down to the Metro station. We walked in the cold rain down to the club. The club was completely empty. The band had cancelled. The combination of it being a weeknight and the rain had kept everyone away. So, my wife and I listened to some club remixes spun my the DJ and had a drink at the club. It was strange being the only people in the club who did not work there.

Lucjk at going to see live music was not with me this week. Very strange to shows I was planning to go to were cancelled. Oh well, I did get to say I emptied the club out for us on our anniversary.

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