Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Abe Pollin Dead at 85

Abe Pollin, the man behind the old Capital Centre and the new Verizon Center is dead at 85. He was the long time owner of the Washington Capitals, through the 1999 season. He was the owner of the Washington Wizards(formally of the Bullets). He was also the owner of Washington/Baltimore Ticketmaster. (I won't hold that against him)

Abe Pollin wasn't afraid to make bold moves. In basketball he changed his teams name from the Bullets to the Wizards due to the conotation of violence in a city with a high crime rate. Abe had the guts to fire Michael Jordan. He appeared to have Washington's best interest in mind in most of his decisions.

The Verizon Center did revitalize part of Washington DC. Both the Verizon Center and the Capital Center have played important roles in the sports and entertainmnet history of Washington DC>

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