Monday, November 2, 2009


Last month (last week) I wrote a couple of articles about sharks! Now that is November, I have written a couple of articles about Dinosaurs!

I actually I had a busy weekend writing quite a few articles. We also had a Halloween party to go to, and surprise visitors. Needless to say my weekend was very busy. Of course I was able to come up with My Rankings for this week. No big surprises on the top, the bottom teams have been rearranged. Two more articles besides the dinosaurs were published since my last blog, however will hold back on them.

The first article about dinosaurs was about the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus is a large, carnivorous dinosaur which was actually bigger than T-Rex (the dinosaur not the band).

The second article about dinosaurs was about the Diplodocus. Diplodocus was one of the larger plant eating dinosaurs. I guess I kept my writing balanced, one big meat eater and one big vegetarian.

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