Monday, November 10, 2008

Veteran's Day

Tuesday is Veteran's Day, so I'm posting a little early. I offer a basic thank you for all the things the military does for us. I thank those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, may they be remembered as heroes. Thank them for whatever war, conflict, or accident which took their lives. I hope you take a moment once in a while to remember they were someones love ones.

Take a moment to remember the ones missing in action. May they come home safe and sound one day. If they have passed away, hope their bodies make it home.

Thank the Coast Guard for the criminals they pursue. Thank them for their heroeric rescues they perform. It could easily be your life or the life of some one you know. Thank them for keeping our coasts safe. They deserve a Thank You.

Thank the reservist or the member of the National Guard. Thank them for all they do when a Natural Disaster happens. Thank them for the sacrifices they make when our country calls them uip for active duty. Thank them for sacrificing their monthly weekends. Thank them for stepping up.

Thank the Navy, thank the Army, thank the Air Force and thank the Marines. Thank them for leaving their families behind while they go on their missions. Thank them for going into battle. Thank them for their losses. Thank them for their humanitarian missions which are often over looked. Thank them for how they help our community. Thank the Marines for their Toys for Tots mission.

Thank the ones who serve.

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