Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Strange Days..

Past week my wife has been to three emergency rooms, two doctors office and an urgent care center. Means I've been to two emergency rooms, two doctors and an urgent care office as a spectator. In between that I've managed to put in 40 hour at the office, attend a board meeting, and work three hours in a unheated, cold warehouse.

Some of my friends write fiction, but why bother with that when reality is just as strange. Think you have stress at your job? What about an Emergency Room. That one is having a heart attack, that one is incoherent, that one is barely hanging on. Tough job. Tough situations. Not perfect. More like you'll live, don't know what it is, know it's not this and that, here is some medication, get out. Leaving with the same symptoms that they tell you to come back if you experience. Well at least in my wife's case. But it's better than, you won't live. Better than we know and it's bad.

The waiting is much better when your a spectator at the ER. I mean your not in pain so the hours pass much easier. You don't have to answer the questions and fill out the paper work which is a real bonus. However, I wish I new before hand I was going to an ER. Would have been better with a good book. Maybe I could bring a board game or a deck of cards next time. I'm sure all the people waiting wouldn't mind playing a game.

Well for now my wife is medicated, has some what of an idea of what is going on, and hopefully will get better.

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