Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Death and Hospitals

What a week and it's only Wednesday...

Monday, I found out a person who used to work with us had passed a way. He was a good guy, he loved his family, sports and music. He had a bad winter last year, on one snow storm he wrecked his car in a ditch the very next storm he slipped on some ice and went to the hospital with a cuccusion. Then he was out of work and on disabbility, when that ran out so did he. I hope he was atleast able to watch the World Series and enjoy the Philadelphia Phillies championship. He would have enjoyed it. The Philadelphia teams were his favorite. We would talk around the office about football, hockey and baseball. Last year we even played Fantasy Football together. sHe loved his kids. He worked hard. 45 is way to young to go in this day in age. Maybe that is why t bugs me so much. I've seen a lot of people I know passed away this year. However, most of them were elderly. Much easier to understand that their time was up. 45 is a lot closer to my late 37. It makes you think what will happen when my time is up?

Anyway that was Monday. Tuesday I left work a little early since my wife stayed home sick. She wasn't feeling well and didn't feel up to driving. So, I drove her to the urgent care. Watching our daughter in the waiting room, while her middle school brother slept in the car. I saw an ambulance arrive to pick up a patient. I put my daughter in the car with her brother. Then I got a text message that they wanted my wife to go to the ER for more tests. Thankfully, the ambulance was not for my wife. We dropped off our kids at a nearby friends house, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and off to the ER we went. A few hours later she was released, even though they suggested keeping her overnight for observations. Today, I spent the day taking her to her specialist visits and filling prescriptions.

So now I get to wait for Thursday and Friday to top this!

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