Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

I blogged about 9/11 last September 11. I hope to blog about it every September 11. It was a dark day for America. Terrorists attacked our country with four hijacked airplanes. The attacks killed more people than the attack on Pearl Harbor. Something that is worse was the targets were civilian, except for the Pentagon(however the Pentagon does employ a lot of civilian workers). It is a day that should never be forgotten.

I was fortunate that day. Fate stepped in and I had called off work. The Pentagon plane crashed a short distance from where I worked at the time. A short distance from where both of my parents worked at the time. Where I lived at the time was almost directly halfway between the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania by the way a crow flies. A matter of degrees and the plane could have fallen on me.

Many weren't as fortunate as me. Many people died, many were injured, many lost loved ones and everyone felt the effect of these attacks. True heroes developed from this tragic event. The fire fighters, the rescue teams, the police, and military. The people who volunteered to help and the ones who gave blood and donations.

We must never forget this day. Take time to reflect, take time to offer a prayer or a thought. Take time to remember and offer thanks.

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