Monday, September 22, 2008

A Perfect Way To End Summer

This was a summer of not doing much. Gas prices were high. I was working Saturdays, then I got the weekends off and my wife worked a few Saturdays. My wife switched jobs so she didn't have the time off. A car needed maintenance or something else came up. But then again we did go to the beach in March. We saw 9 Major League Baseball games including a Spring Training game, three in Baltimore, three in Washington, and two in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is how we spent the last seasonal weekend of summer. after attending the memorial service for Dick which I wrote about on my last blog. We headed out to Pittsburgh. Saturday night we watched the Pirates-Astros baseball game. Following the game there was a concert by Lynryd Skynyrd and fireworks. We didn't know about the concert so it was an added bonus.

Then we retired to our hotel room. The next morning we picked up some tidbits at a Super K-mart by the hotel and headed back downtown to see Sunday's game. It was the Pirates home finale. We watched the game and enjoyed the beautiful Pittsburgh afternoon. Afterwards we journeyed back home going another route. We stopped in LaValle, Maryland at a restaurant we have come to enjoy on our travels. Then we finally made it home around midnight.

Beautiful weather, Lynyrd Skynyrd and baseball what a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer.

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