Saturday, August 30, 2008

And a new season starts...

Fall must be close as college football season has started, the NFL is getting ready to kick off meaningful games, and the kids are back in school. The summer went way to quick for me. I don't feel like I did much. But I'm lucky to only have to walk out my door and walk a hundred feet or so to fish in a lake. Simple, but it is doing something. Went to six major league baseball games and a couple of more on the schedule. But I ramble..

Yes football season is back! And football season means upset and this first weekend of football has not disappointed. East Carolina upset 17th ranked Virginia Tech 27-22. Bowling Green upset 25th ranked Pittsburgh 27 to 17. Another surprise , 24th ranked Alabama upset 9th ranked Clemson 34-10. I hope the Mountaineers are paying attention as in a couple of weeks they will face the East Carolina Pirates.

USC made a strong case that they aim to contend for the National Championship destroying UVA 52-7. The Gators made sure Hawaii was a one year wonder beating them 56-10. Georgia won 45-24 over Georgia Southern, but the number one ranking might be better off on a team like Oklahoma who beat Chattanooga 57-2 to open their season.

It's early and the polls will be debated long into the winter. Most teams still have a lot of hopes!

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