Friday, August 29, 2008

Reflecting back to Katrina

Gustav's track is giving everyone a chance to reflect back on Katrina. Gustav is gaining strength, and expected to be at Cuba Saturday night. Right now Gustav is scheduled to hit between east Texas and extreme western Florida. Looking at the projection New Orleans could once again be facing a mighty Hurricane.

Katrina flooded the Big Easy and brought with her plenty of destruction to Louisiana and Mississippi. New Orleans wasn't ready for Katrina. The question now is will New Orleans be ready for Gustav?

Katrina did unite the country to help. I was living in Hagerstown at the time. Our minor league team the Suns had a night to raise money to help with Katrina relief, my church sent over a mission trip, and the local Boys Scouts sent supplies to replace what Boy Scouts had lost in the Gulf Region. Many other communities also helped like Hagerstown did. Celebrities helped too. Raising money, awareness, and literally pitching in to rebuild hard hit areas. I made several donations through the Episcopal Relief Fund which raised money around the nation to help the victims.

It was the right thing to do. It felt good to help. It felt sad to see the destruction. Hopefully, where ever Gustav decides to hit land, those areas will be prepared. Hopefully people will reach safety and property damage is minimal. If the communities that get hit need help, hopefully the nation will rally to provide that help. Hopefully, the Government will act quickly. Hopefully we are better prepared for Gustav.

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