Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Fantasy Football Team

Friday I was scheduled to draft my team in the Fantasy Football League at work, but then I found out it was cancelled. So, my wife found me a league to play in. It is a league where you pay a fee to be in, unlike the free one at work.

Draft positions in the 12 person league were selected by picking numbers. I picked number 11, not exactly the best position. In the first round, there was a run on running backs. This probably helped my draft, I stayed true to picking on how I rated my players and I drafted QB Tom Brady of New England. I had him the number 2 player in the draft, and Fantasy Football Index had him ranked as the number one quarterback. I knew running back would be a weakness on my team.

In the second and third rounds, I stayed with my rankings and drafted two wide receivers. The first one was Owens (TO) out of Dallas, I had him ranked 8th overall. Fantasy Football Index ranked him as the 4th best wide receiver in the draft. I also picked up T.J. Houshmandzadeh, ranked as the 11th best wide out by Fantasy Football Index.

During the fourth round I switched my approach and started drafting for positions. Running backs were going fast and I need one. I drafted McGahee out of Baltimore. I had him 12th in my list of running backs, Fantasy Football Index had him ranked 10th. I stayed with Baltimore in the next round selecting Heap from Baltimore at tight end. I had him ranked as the 12th best tight end and Fantasy Football Index had him ranked at 9th.

The league is a three wide receiver league, so in the sixth round I picked the Jets receiver Cotchery, the 15th ranked receiver by Fantasy Football Index, 22nd ranked by me. I had a hunch, with the Jets getting Favre, Cotchery may have a bigger year. At any rate I was set with three receivers, a tight end, a running back, and a quarterback.

The seventh round, I still needed another running back. I picked up Young out of Denver. He wasn't on my list but Fantasy Football Index had him ranked 19th. He was the highest running back still left at this point. I had filled up my roster except for kickers and defenses.

In the eighth round I drafted Tight End Crumpler from the Titans. He was actually ranked higher than Heap who I picked in the fifth round. Fantasy Football Index had Crumpler ranked as the sixth best tight end.

In the nineth round I picked Scobee from Jacksonville the fifth ranked kicker by Fantasy Football Index and the kicker I wanted. In the tenth round I stayed with the Jaguars and picked their defense for my team. The Jags defense was ranked 8th by Fantasy Football Index.

In the eleventh round I picked Arizona's Leinart as my backup quarterback. A separate bye week then Brady and you all ways need replacements in case of injuries.

The 12th and 13th round I picked two running backs. Green out of Houston ranked 32nd by Fantasy Football Index, but a solid pick since he is a starter. I also picked up Johnson from the Titans.

I used the 14th round to add dept at wide receiver picking up Carolina's Hackett. Looking at my picks it looks like I should have picked another receiver as I will be one short during week 10. But there might be some options out there by that time. Depending on my match up I might not even need to make a move.

I used the final two draft picks for my backup kicker and defense. I picked kicker Longwell from Minnesota, the sixth ranked kicker by Fantasy Football Index, one behind my starter. I picked up Tennessee's Defense, Fantasy Football Index ranked as the 12th best defense in the draft.

Those are my picks and what my Fantasy Football Team looks like going into the season.

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