Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why wouldn't a Fortune 500 company move their headquarters to West Virginia

I barely live in the state of West Virginia. I could easily walk over to Virginia, and I'm roughly 3 miles back on a hill and across a river from Maryland. The area of the state I live in is growing. It is the only region in the state which is growing. The schools where I live same to match or exceed the higher rated schools in Maryland. An example my stepson goes to a normal elementary school in West Virginia and is able to take band. In Maryland, band was only offered at the magnet school he was attending and not at the regular schools. However, where I live sames to be an exception. People for the most part don't work here in West Virginia, they like me work in the neighboring states. I'm sure many are like me and moved here for the better housing prices. There are transit trains here where people can commute to Washington, DC.

West Virginia is a beautiful state it is blessed with scenic views, rivers, and mountains. West Virginia has capitalized on this, and tourism is one of the major industries in the state. The other major industry competes against tourism and that is the coal industry. Some how they manage to survive with one another.

West Virginia has some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. They have the resources. West Virginia has land, people, and infrastructure. More than 19 Colleges and Universities are located in West Virginia offering accredited four year degrees. Several offer Law, Masters and Doctorate degrees. There are several community colleges and junior colleges offering 2-year degrees. However, students after graduating often leave the state. Leaving West Virginia's population to decline and age.

Locating a Fortune 500 company in West Virginia would create a win-win situation for the corporation and the state. The company could build a campus location in a beautiful area. The state has locations within easy driving distances to Pittsburgh, Washington, and Baltimore. The real estate costs less in West Virginia than it does in most metropolitan areas. The in-state colleges would provide a well of talent to be tapped by the corporation. The corporation would bring higher paying jobs to the state. The money would filter down to other businesses in the state. The state would reap more tax income to improve infrastructure, health programs, and education. West Virginia needs Corporate America, and Corporate America could benefit from West Virginia.

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