Saturday, December 29, 2007

RE:Ready for the Last Weekend of the NFL Regular Season

Tonight we find out if the New England Patriots go 16-0, as they face the NFC Wild Card New York Giants. Really a meaningless game except for the record.

The great thing about this season is there are two Playoff spots open. If the Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys the Redskins are in the playoffs. Which, the Redskins may get some help if Dallas rest people for the playoffs.

If the Redskins fall, the New Orleans Saints could get in. The Saints would have to defeat the Chicago Bears ad hope the Vikings lose.The Vikings would need to beat the Denver Broncos and the Redskins loss.

In the AFC, Its the Cleveland Browns or the Tennessee Titans. If Tennessee beats the Indianapolis Colts Sunday night they are in the playoffs, if the Titans lose the Browns are in the playoffs. If the Cleveland Browns win Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers does not matter, it is all on who wins Sunday night.

Interestingly the Colts and Cowboys are in and set in the playoffs. They have no pressure and may rest players.

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