Saturday, December 8, 2007

RE:Led Zeppelin

Well a friend of mine wanted to know if I wanted to go to Bonnaro since the rumor is Led Zeppelin is going to headline. The rumor is Zeppelin is going to headline Glastonbury. A world tour. Heck, with all these people starting rumors of a Zeppelin reunion, let me get in the act. I have some room in my garage. Led Zeppelin can play my garage!

Jones and Page are for a reunion. Plant has stated from the start the O2 show is a one and done thing. He has a pending tour in the works wit Alison Krauss. Maybe I'll post my article on the reunion which wasn't published soon. Kind of have this blog have a theme for the weekend as we await the reunion at the o2 on Monday.

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Magdalen Islands said...

Book them for my green house, please!
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