Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Re: After A Listen

I was able to listen to a copy of the Led Zeppelin reunon from December 10. There were some feedback issues on the first few numbers. I'm sure those will be cleaned up before the rumored dvd is released. Interesting set list. Opened with "Good Times Bad Times", "Ramble On" was done completely electric. Different then the studio version and the live 90's version from Page and Plant. The Blues numbers really show cased their mastery of the call and effect vocals and guitar interplay. Long versions of Dazed and No Quarter. All electric set, no accuostic or unplugged numbers. The light part of Zep was down played. This was obviously Zep ona mission. Page sounded better than I thought he would. He sounded great on nobody's fault and in my time of dying.

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