Monday, December 3, 2007

RE: Nashville 1864

Last year on Myspace I put a list of books I read last year. I'll do the same on here by the end of the month. I had read a few but then I started writing, so I haven't read as much.

Anyway the last book I read was Nashville 1864 by Madison Jones. It was a short book only 130 pages which I read mostly in one day. In 1997 the book won the 1997 Michael Shaara Award for Civil War Fiction.

The book was written in the form of a man's recollection to when he was a child and his dad was a soldier for the Confederate Army. Most of the book dealt with the kid sneaking out of a Union occupied town with a slave buddy to find his dad on the battle front.Lots of details and action to hold the readers interest to make this a short but enjoyable read.

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