Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A to Z: Visitors and visiting

First off to my visitors, I want to say thank you for visiting my site. Your visit is very important to me. If you visit my site and leave a comment I try to reciprocate. Even when there isn't a bloghop going on I try to visit blogs I follow. It is very random and I usually hit the ones showing in my reading list. Sometimes, I try to look up bloggers who in my mind have been special to me and I haven't seen in a while. Some vanish without as trace and I haven't seen them on milk cartons.

I don't respond to comments very well. I read them all. I approve them all. I don't censor. I do it because I had issues with captcha crap that was upsetting my visitors. I like it when you tell me something doesn't work or isn't there.

So, no I don't respond to every comment, I respond to a few once in a while. Sometimes I'll quote it in another post. Sometimes I'll write a blog entry on it. I like to do shot outs once in a while. Sometimes, if I am visiting your site I'll get lost in your site.

My goal was to visit 300 posts during the A to Z Challenge. I'm over 200 so I am going to meet my goal. I also usually check out some in May and do some Road trips later. I haven't been good about posting my posts on the official blog or facebook page. However, I have used them to find some new blogs quite regularly.

I'm surviving! It is challenging enough for me with Easter and my daughter's birthday falling in this  month. Add in the fact I've been working close to 60 hours a week and trying to either spend time with family, do the non-fun adult things, and play hard. Not complaining. My off days have been pretty epic. Example yesterday, my day included watching the Navy Blue Angels, the Air Force Thunderbirds, a beach, and a shark encounter. Then I had a nice dinner date with my daughter. Having a job is better than having no job when you rely on paychecks. Just saying I've been busy.

Again thanks for visiting and I look forward to visiting your blog.


Janet Miles said...

I am happy to be counted as one of the 200 blogs you've visited so far. I totally get the working and busy life stuff as I am missing some letters in my alphabet, which I hope to make up during the next few weeks. It is always nice to get visitors, no matter when! I absolutely LOVE the picture you have on your site for the Creative Blog Award!

U is for Urgent

Liz A. said...

You're doing better than me :) While I'm returning blog visits and posting my blog(s) to the A to Z blog and FB page, I haven't actually done any visiting. Eeek! And I'm not working 60 hours a week, so I really have no excuse. Ah well. We all do the best we can. Just know you're doing great.

Josie Two Shoes said...

I like the way you approach blogging... as it fits in and as it works for you. I know to many people who stress over trying to do everything just right to please everyone and end up loosing the joy of the experience. I'm amazed you get any blogging done while working 60 hours! That tells me you love to write. You've done far better than me at checking out all the other blogs, congrats to you and hanging in there to the finish line!

Y is for Yvonne

Cathy Kennedy said...


I'm impressed with all you do, sir! In April I visited or am in the process of visiting every person who visited me. I'm replying or already replied to most who stopped off at my site. It's a huge up keep. I'm so tickled that I had all my posts done ahead this year. It made life so much easier, too. I appreciate you sticking with me not only through the A2Z challenge but for being a good blogging friend. Thanks for visiting Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “V” (Violin & Victorian Women). :)

Birgit said... were at 200 and I bet you already have met your goal of 300