Friday, April 28, 2017

A to Z Challenge: X marks the Haiku

My post today will be short and sweet. My busy schedule catching up with me. Anyway April is National Poetry month and as a nod to that I am creating a Haiku.

The X marks the spot

Please sign your name at the X

X is the target

There you go pretend the comments is the X, sign you were here to let me know. Happy Friday.


Liz A. said...

X is always such an interesting day.

Debby said...

Hey, it works!

Good job.

Josie Two Shoes said...

This made me laugh, a very good way to use that annoying letter X in the A-Z! :-)

Y is for Yvonne

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... said...

Oh, X... What a lovely letter. You nailed it, though!

Visiting from A to Z

DeeDee said...

X can also be the past
I had a tough time in X BTW

A Peice Of My Life

Cathy Kennedy said...


What a clever way to celebrate the letter "X" with a simple to the point hiatus! Xcellent job! Thanks for visiting, Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “X”. :)