Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Machines Won

Well I believe my laptop finally did. I found a work around and had success the other attempts were starting to prove my insanity. I attempted to use my daughter's laptop that worked well until her battery died. My daughter's computer was better than mine, she has Grandparents!

Thinking it was strange it wasn't fully charged since it was plugged in. I plugged it in again and notice the connector to the computer had been broken and it wasn't going to charge. I later found out she dropped it while plugging it. Impact probably created the broken piece.

On the way home from work I decided I would stop by a store and buy a new power supply. The ones I found were way over priced. $50 for a power supply I think I could do better. I almost bought it. They were the universal ones with several different jacks to fit several different laptop brands. Of course my daughter's laptop brand wasn't listed. Should I buy it? Try this warped version of Russian Roulette? Everyone knows what would happen. Yes I would rush home and try all the different jacks and of course known of them would work. Then to add to that shame my wife would say I told you shouldn't have gone to that store. Nope not me! Not this time. I wasn't going to play just the fool.

No I was going to play the damn fool! So, I bought a new laptop. Yes I still buy a power cord for my daughter's laptop. This whole misadventure just won't cost me $50, it will cost me a wee bit more!

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