Friday, November 13, 2015

My heart is with Paris and Allah weeps tonight

My heart, prayers and positive vibes are with the people in Paris. Over 10 dozen music lovers massacred in a music club. If you have followed my blog for anytime you have probably realized I am a music fan. This could have happened almost anywhere. It could have been a club that I was at enjoying a band. It could easily have happened to a friend of mine or a love one. Perhaps that is why this tragedy is laying heavy on my heart.

Perhaps it is laying heavy on my heart because so many people died! So many people were injured! So many people have been scarred for life.  The band, Eagles of Death Metal, what a terrible thing to happen at a show.

More attacks happened at a restaurant. I eat out more than I should. I have many foodie friends. Again this could have been me, a friend or family member.

Another at a stadium. I like sports. You get my point.These are all places I could be, a friend or a love one could be,

CNN reports a witness heard the gunman shout "Allah Akbar" (Allahu Akbar) which means God is great or God is greatest.

I have met Muslims. I have worked with them, formed relationships with, and even broken bread with some. The ones I have met have been great people. I say that because these terrorists have a backlash on their communities.

I say Allah weeps! These murderers are not heroes. I am sure the Allah my friends worship weeps over these attacks just like my God weeps.

Peace and healing is needed. I urge the Muslim leaders and community to denounce these events and other events! We can coexist on this planet. You can worship who you want and your neighbor can worship what they like and believe it or not we can live in peace.

These attacks won't bring peace. As I started this post I pray for peace, healing, for Paris. I send them prayers and positive vibes. A city storied in love, now filled with tears. 


Cherdo said...

Prayers sent on their way.

Janie Junebug said...

Your post is beautiful. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Mike. What devastating events and all in the name of Allah? That just makes no sense to me... And that's exactly what it is: senseless. What a tragedy. Heavy hearts abound...

Michele at Angels Bark