Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Tab Benoit!

Today is Tab Benoit's birthday. If you don't know who Tab Benoit is don't worry. At one time I had never heard of him. That all changed the first time I went to Jazz Fest. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival commonly referred to Jazz Fest.

My friend Eric who knows my musical tastes pretty well took me to the Blues Tent and told me I had to watch this guy Tab Benoit perform. I have been hooked ever since. My friend Eric took a year off to write and experience New Orleans and if interested you can check out his blog My Year of Mardi Gras. We don't always agree on music and we don't it leads to great debates, often we do agree and ends up being turned on to an artist we might not have been aware of.

Besides Tab's musical talent I also respect him for his work on saving the wetlands and the environment. Stop by the Voice of the Wetlands site to learn more about that. Tab also puts together one of the best family friendly music festivals, the Voice of the Wetlands Festival which I blogged about here.

Tab performing with the Voice of the Wetland's All-Stars photo by me..

Here Tab and the VOW All-Stars perform "Louisiana Sunshine"..

Here is something from the Festival I went to, Tab Benoit joined by Albert Castiglia on "Night Train"

Here is a song you may have heard "Shelter Me"..

Happy Birthday Tab Benoit! If you like blues, blues rock, swamp music then do yourself a favor and check out Tab Benoit.


Jeffrey Scott said...

These were all great. Thanks for sharing.
Though I was a little disappointed Diana Krall wasn't mentioned yesterday.
Oh well, maybe next year.

mike spain said...

Sorry I missed her birthday, wasn't online much Monday.

Jeffrey Scott said...

No worries. I was just being facetious. (mostly). ;) :D