Friday, June 26, 2015

More thoughts on "To Go Viking"

I wrote a review about a movie called "To Go Viking" which received a lot of attention on facebook which in turn made my editor very happy. I think the reason for the success of the review is people are truly interested in reenacting and vikings. Much more than I thought.

Here is a trailer for the film..

Here is a link to my review if you would like to read it. I learned quite a bit about the groups who go viking through this movie and came up with more respect for these kind of groups. The time they spent honing their craft. The authenticity of the weapons, the fighting styles, the costumes, the settings and everything truly showed they were more than just weekend warriors.

Here is a link to the central Texas based outfit which the film was based on. Here is one to the bigger group.

I enjoy finding more to share on the blog to enhance what I may have written in a review. I stumbled on this short interview with the film's director which you may like from

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farawayeyes said...

Interesting topic, review and post. Who knew people were out there reenacting this type of thing with so much authenticity.