Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Kris Kristofferson

 Today June 22, 2015 is Kris Kristofferson's birthday. He was just featured in a blog by a friend of mind called the Far Away Series in a Battle of the Band. He lost that match up with Johnny Cash.

But Johnny Cash and Kris have had some collaborations outside of a Battle of the Bands.

Yes I added Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings because you can never have too many superstars.

I really discovered Kris Kristofferson when I saw him open up for Bob Dylan, But the first time I remember hearing a song he wrote was through Janis Joplin..

"Me and Bobby McGee" was a song Kris wrote. He also dabbled in acting as well..

The above clip was from Blade. My favorite Kris Kristofferson song is "Sunday Morning Coming Down"

Thanks for visiting! What is your favorite Kris Kristofferson song? Movie part?


Debbie D. said...

Happy Birthday, Kris! I'm a fan from waaay back. ♥
My favourite song of his is For The Good Times, sung by him. (The popular recording was by Ray Price.) It brings back a flood of memories. Major nostalgia kick! Favourite movie role is Billy the Kid, in 1973's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Bob Dylan was in that movie too and it featured his Knockin' On Heaven's Door". I also loved Kris in A Star is Born, with Barbra Streisand.
Great post, Mike! Thanks for the memories. ☺

mike spain said...

Debbie glad it brought up some great memories.

farawayeyes said...

Ha! I missed this post. Thanks for the shout out. I do think Kris is a great songwriter, better than his singing. Lived him as Billy and thought he was real sexy in 'A Star Ais Born'. Ha, ha, ha. As a side note; I dated a guy named Pat Garrett for awhile.

mike spain said...

Farawayeyes thanks for visiting. Looks like I have a few movies to look up.