Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Battle of the Bands and A to Z Challenge: Mr. Big versus Maxi Priest

It is a Blog Hopping double helping at my blog today. Today marks the halfway point of April. In addition to my Battle of the Bands entry this post will also be my post in the A to Z Challenge. Today's letter is M.

I am doing the Battle of the Bands because this is what I would do on any first of the month. I like the blog hop. My blog isn't changing for the A to Z challenge. What you see during the challenge is just how my blog goes.

Since more readers may be popping in it is probably even more important for me to explain what is going on and who else has battles!

Regular rules, listen to the song clips in the blog post. In the comment section vote for the one you like the best. Feel free to explain why you voted the way you did. The battles take place on the first and 15th and winners will be announced on the 7th and 21st. I will normally post the winner in the comments. Of course have fun and enjoy!

The below list is edited to welcome some new battles and unfortunately some battles have taken a break. If you are still looking for more musical fun after you vote, you can check out these sites for more battles:

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A to Z visitors please check out my friends above, they post some pretty neat stuff! 

Since today's letter is M so I picked a song by the artist formally known as Cat Stevens and now going under the name of Yusuf Islam. The simple reason the song is a masterpiece. I am going to mix it up with my contestants.

Here is the original, which is not eligible to win.

Let the fun begin! 

Contestant One Mr. Big

In my younger days I really enjoyed this band. Of course their is an M in Mr. so the band fits today's theme as well.

Contestant Two Maxi Priest

I stated I was going to mix it up. Going from a rock groups ballad version to a reggae version by Maxi Priest is certainly mixing it up. M in Maxi makes this choice fit the A to Z: Challenge. 

Testament to a great song that it can be  performed by different artists and still come out sounding great!

So which version did you like the best? Please vote for Mr. Big or Maxi Priest in the comments! Winner will be announced soon! Please feel free to share your thoughts! Thanks for visiting and I will be back soon with another A to Z post.


Stephen Tremp said...

Cat Stevens had some great tunes.

And M is for Midway point of A to Z! Thanks for your continued participation!

Stephen Tremp
A to Z Cohost
M is for Movies

Arlee Bird said...

I'm no fan of Cat Stevens and would have vote against him if he'd been in the running.

The reggae version by Maxi Priest works well in this song. It was good, but not something I'd want to listen to too many times.

Mr Big is more in a genre that I enjoy hearing so my vote goes to them. They did a nice interpretation that was fairly close to the original except better.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

The only video that's showing up here for me is the one by Cat Stevens. What's up?

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

John Holton said...

I'm not seeing either of the contestants, and there's no link...

Arlee Bird said...

Oh yeah, and there were no videos or links for me either, but I found both versions easily on YouTube.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

mike spain said...

Okay I added the links again! Thanks for letting me know. Don't know why they weren't there could be human error. Gremlins and poltergeist could be to blame as well but I doubt it.

mike spain said...
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Dixie@dcrelief said...

Mike, another great letter day for you!

My vote is for Maxi Priest; it's reggae day for me!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Mike! I was directed here from Stephen's battle post. The Cat Stevens original of "Wild World" was the only version I knew going in, but I found a lot to like in both of these vids. Brit born Jamaican reggae artist Maxi Priest laid down a refreshingly different version and I enjoyed it very much. However, as a longtime fan of 80s hard rock, glam and heavy metal hair bands, I have to vote for Mr. Big and their soft rock/power pop rendition of the song.

I am now following you, Mike, and I look forward to contributing to your next Battle of the Bands!

Susan Kane said...

Cat Stevens was the voice of our young married days, always a good memory.
I vote for Mr. Big, for the same reasons Arlee has given.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I enjoyed both of them very much! More than I thought I would. And it is a hard call. I think the reggae version would be like a good background song at a party or something. To just kick back and listen or sing along, I'd have to go with Mr. Big. So Mr. Big wins my vote.
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with the A to Z Challenge

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Man, this was tough!

First of all, I WAS a fan of Cat Stevens' music. (You probably could have guessed that when you read that Lee was NOT. I think I'll start calling him "180-Degree Lee".)

The Mr. Big version was nearly identical to the Cat Stevens original. Which means I liked it, because I like the original, too. (And, dang, that lead singer may be the prettiest boy I ever saw!)

I think I'm gonna vote for Maxi Priest's Reggae-fied version because it's so different.

Earlier today I used the same sort of argument on Lee's blog to justify my vote for the Michael McDonald version of 'Mercy, Mercy Me' because it sounded more like the Marvin Gaye original. This time I'm voting for the version that sounds more different BECAUSE it sounds more different.

I guess there's just no telling with BOTB, eh?

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Cathy Kennedy said...

I definitely remember Cat Stevens's original. BTW, what's with his name change? That's something new-to-me! But, we aren't here to talk about that. It's all about the battle. Two fabulous different cover styles. Maxi Priest's reggae version is cheery and puts me in a good mood as I listened to it, but Mr. Big has more of the Cat Steven's flavor and a version that I would happily repeat on my playlist. Give Mr. Big my vote, Mike! Marvelous BoTB stand off!

Robin said...

I really like BOTH of these. I think this might very well be one of your best battles to date. :)

Tough choice, but I'm going with Maxi Priest and his reggae version. It was just different enough to the original but still catchy (like the original).

John Holton said...

Both were great. Paul Gilbert's column in Guitar Player was one of my favorite features, and I would vote for Mr. Big for just that reason. Maxi Priest's version blew tem away, though, so he wins this battle.

My battle is here.

farawayeyes said...

I like reggae, sounds like home to me. Maxi Priest gets my vote.

mike spain said...

Mr. Big wins 6 to 4!

Arlee Bird said...

Mr Big was my pick so I'm pleased.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out