Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z: S is for snakes

Today is Earth Day so it would be fitting that I blog about an animal. Today's subject is snakes. Some people find snakes neat and interesting animals. A lot of people find snakes to be terrifying serpents. I tend to find them interesting creatures who deserve respect like most wild animals.

I try to share this with my kids. Earlier this month my daughter had the opportunity to hold an albino Burmese Python.

My daughter's mom was not impressed with me letting her hold the snake. She tends to be on  the terrifying serpents point of view. Looking at my daughter's smile she appears to be enjoying holding the snake.

Where we live it is not uncommon to see snakes. I've told her to be on the lookout for them, If she sees one to leave it alone and come get me, Because I want to see the snake!

It is important to observe what is around you.  I take my daughter fishing and swimming and humans are not the only ones who enjoy fishing and swimming.

I believe a healthy respect of animals is important than an unhealthy fear.Worse is someone who doesn't have any fear and quite a bit of foolishness.

Here is an article about someone who was bitten by a Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin) because they found one and kept it on their bed in a pillow case. I wouldn't even recommend doing that with a non-venomous snake.

Venomous snakes inject venom which caused the guy to go to the hospital. Snake venom can kill people! A python like the one my daughter is holding is a constrictor which kills it's prey by squeezing it to death. Snakes have teeth! Just because a snake is not venomous or a large constrictor it should be treated with respect,

Have you had any experiences with snakes? Have a favorite snake? Do you think they are neat? Do you fear them?

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TheFrogLady said...

I am not a fan of snakes. I don't even like to walk past them in the zoo. I must have watched too many scary movies with snakes when I was younger.

martine said...

My son works in a reptile shop and he would probably not recommend wrapping a constrictor snake around the neck of a small child, if they decide to squeeze they can do so suddenly and they are stronger than you think. But no, on the whole there is no reason to be afraid of snakes, we have a king snake and a jungle python in our house, and visitors love to get to handle them because they are creatures that people do not come into contact with ordinarily.
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farawayeyes said...

Came by looking for your BOTB Results. Can't find it anywhere, but no matter. I know your busy with A to Z.

You daughter is a really cute little girl, the snake not so much. I'm simply not a fan of snakes, no how.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

That albino is actually pretty.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I live in the Piney Woods of SE Texas. So we have several venomous varieties we see each year: cotton mouth, timber rattler, and copperhead. If bitten, be careful! If the venom doesn't kill you the cure may very well. My sister Sarah died at age 35 from the anti-venom the hospital administered after she was bitten by a copperhead. Then there are chicken snakes, who steal our eggs. To me, if they are on my property, they are gonna die.
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Liz A. said...

When my brother was 5 he got to hold a huge snake with a bunch of people in his class. It made the news, and the image of him patting the snake...

I'm not a big snake fan, but I don't mind them much. I'm wary, though. Better careful than dead.