Saturday, January 17, 2015

Today was for the Birds

When I booked my fishing trip I wasn't sick. Then yesterday when my trip was cancelled and they left a message offering a shorter trip I assumed that was for today. The same day as the longer trip was scheduled. I tried to call back but no living voices answered the phone and my calls weren't answered.

Anyway, I prepared myself for the trip. Was it 6 or 7AM I didn't know. I made sure I was there early for the 6AM trip. My wife looked at me like I was crazy and said "they gave you an out, you're sick, you should take the out." She was right like most wives tend to be, husbands just hate to admit it.

The light frost on the top of my car may have been a hint from a higher power this wasn't a great idea. However, I was determined to go fishing!  I was at my destination by 5 including a pit stop at some gas station to stock up on cough drops, a vitamin water, and regular water.  I took medicine and downed vitamins before I left home.

When I got to my destination the only living thing around was the "early bird" and heck he may have stayed up all night. It could have been the "party bird" as the place looked like a night time fun stop.

The familiar hurry up and wait game we all have played a million times before. I waited, I walked around checked out all the boats. Sat on a bench and waited. Repeated those last two sentences a few times.

The light inside the boat I was supposed to go on was on. I could hear the radio playing from the vessel. Could it be a glimmer of hope?

6AM came. No one. Time kept ticking. Even the sun got out of bed..

The time moved closer to seven and with no one showing up I knew the only one going fishing was the birds!

Shortly after seven, I said goodbye to my feather friends like this one...

I took my bag and walked to my car. I drove to a local fishing pier. I debated fishing from the pier and when 8AM struck I was on the pier casting my line.

My adventures with birds would continue. I met a curious crow who decided to check out my bag, He hopped on top of it and peaked his head inside. Then he checked out my bait. I walked over and the crow barely moved just kind of looked at me. I picked up the bait and stated "mine." If I knew how my fishing luck was going to be I certainly would have given the bird a piece. Hindsight is always 20/20.

The only thing I caught was a seagull and a sunburn! The sea birds were chasing baits most of the morning. Then some kids decided to feed them creating a kind of feeding frenzy for the gulls. The next thing I knew I had one tangled in my lines.

I reeled the bird in which kept it from going into the water. The gull had twisted himself up quite well. Another angler grabbed the bird with a towel and we both began the task of untangling the poor bird. The bird had tangled both wings! Amazingly the bird stayed rather calm and we were able to untangle the critter. He lost a couple of feather but was able to fly away unharmed. Later I saw a one legged seagull and I pondered how it had lost it legs. Then it dawned on me that bird may have gotten tangled in a fishing line and may have endured a worse fate than the bird I had caught.

As far as fish I didn't catch a single one. The only fish that was a caught by anyone was a puffer fish. Oh well that is why they call it fishing.

The sun was shinning and when I looked at the coast I saw white sand beaches as far as the eye could see.

Gazing out into the Gulf of Mexico this was my view..

Add in the fact I was able to watch a pod of dolphins swim bad the the day was that bad. Years ago I probably would have been more upset about the fishing trip being cancelled or not catching a fish. I guess I am mellowing as I age. Maybe I am just able to look at things with different perspectives. After all I could have stayed home and be sick just as well. Of course being sick and sitting in the sunshine looking at beautiful scenery works just fine. As Jimmy Buffett sings "changes in latitudes changes in attitudes."

Until my next adventure take care! 


Dixie@dcrelief said...

I hope you've recovered. What a bittersweet tale!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Hope you do the February battles - I missed your stuff. Thanks for visiting and if you'd like to vote, let me know. Either way, I think Little Big Town takes the cake, this time.(smile)