Thursday, January 15, 2015

Battle of the Bands 13: Winterlong

Welcome to my Battle of the Bands number 13! I know this is running late but I am feeling a bit under the weather, battling naps and the struggle of children doing homework. Continuing my winter theme  this month so I wonder what I will come up with.T

Regular rules, listen to the song clips in the blog post. In the comment section vote for the one you like the best. Feel free to explain why you voted the way you did. The battles take place on the first and 15th and winners will be announced on the 7th and 21st. I will normally post the winner in the comments. Of course have fun and enjoy!

The below list is edited to welcome some new battles and unfortunately some battles have taken a break. If you are still looking for more musical fun after you vote, you can check out these sites for more battles:

DC Relief

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Alex J. Cavanaugh

Original Song: Neil Young "Winterlong"

Challenger One: Whitehorse

Challenger Two: The Pixies

Enjoy! Vote in the comments and I will see you soon!


Dixie@dcrelief said...

Neil Young "Winterlong" - always love hearing his voice and the harmony is sweet. I can hear the lyrics clearly and that's a plus for me. Musical interlude is still nice.

Whitehorse - the guitar is sooo persuasive but not the voices. I don't like the harmony.

The Pixies had me up until the last half minute - yeah, it's that's close for me. Something about their close was unpleasant enough to drop this choice.

Nice battle, with three tough choices for me. I only play air guitar. Ha!

Neil Young gets my vote. Thank you, Mike.

Birgit said...

I enjoyed Whitehouse more. It had a bit more mellowness to it while the Pixies seemed a bit too strong in the guitar and it overwhelmed the song for me

Robin said...

I've seen what happened here (a non-challenger get a vote) on other battles when someone posts the "original" first. People tend to skim posts, so if you don't want the original as a participant you need to make it glaringly obvious (by saying something like: "The Original - Who Is Not in This Battle - Neil Young - so don't vote for him). And then post the video. Otherwise, at least one person will vote for Neil Young.

I am so behind in everything, including BOTB. Sorry for the lateness.

My choice is the first one, Whitehouse.

Arlee Bird said...

This is a great Young song and his version would get my vote, but assuming that he is not in the running I'll move to the others.

The Pixies version was kind of cool, but a bit frantic and brash which I thought was out of character of the song.

I vote for Whitehorse. They stay true to the original Young sound and I found their version more pleasant to listen to.

Tossing It Out

farawayeyes said...

Hey Mike, sorry it's taken me so long to get around here. I vote for The Pixies.

Cathy Kennedy said...

This song isn't familiar to me, so I was able to listen to it with fresh ears. Each has its own merits, but I think I over-all preferred The Pixies. I'm sure my vote is a tad too late, but I'm so off track with keeping up with BOTB members. What's wrong with me?! Oh well...I hope you're feeling better and thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Assuming Neil Young is in the running, I vote for the Neil Young version.

Nice intro by Whitehorse, but vocals especially the female's were grating and unimpressive. Pixies sound quality wasn't so good and neither was their kinda boring arrangement/playing; they can do better. Neil Young here.