Monday, August 11, 2014

Bob Weir clears schedule

I didn't set out to follow up a tribute post to Jerry Garcia with a post about his old band mate and fellow guitarist Bob Weir. Unfortunately it just fell into place. Bob Weir just cancelled all his Ratdog shows through January of 2015. In April of 2013 I blogged about Bob collapsing on stage. No official statement has said it is due to health reasons but one would speculate.

"The Music Never Stopped"

Bob's former manager told Rolling Stone magazine "Bobby's been having health problems for a while and now there are plenty of people who support him and want to help him get the care he needs." 

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Bob Weir performs "Hell in a Bucket"

Old habits coming back to haunt, new addictions, exhausted from the road, old age or some combination of them? Who knows. Doesn't really matter. Fans of Bob Weir, Ratdog, Furthur, The Grateful Dead want him to get healthy so songs can once again fill the air. Festival promoters, venue managers, want him to get well so he can tour.

"Loose Lucy"

We wish him rest, recovery, peace and positive vibes!

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