Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Racing: Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward Jr

In racing you don't get out of your car unless it is on fire until your safety team arrives. Kevin Ward Jr lost control of his temper when he got out of his race car and walked towards Tony Stewart's car. Of course Tony Stewart is known to lose his temper. He may have purposefully caused Kevin Ward Jr to spin out. It's part of racing and Kevin Ward Jr might have every right to be upset.

I am going to lean on side Tony Stewart didn't mean to hit Kevin Ward Jr. Maybe he didn't see Kevin until it was too late. I would imagine drivers don't expect to see a person walking towards them during a race. Maybe Kevin Ward Jr distracted Tony Stewart. Then again known of this would have happened if
tony Stewart didn't cause Kevin Ward Jr. to spin out.

I am going to think it was an accident. It is a terrible tragedy. A young man, 20 years old has died who had a promising future doing what he loved. A successful race car driver Tony Stewart will have to live with the horror of knowing he killed a person. Even as an accident that has to be difficult to live with.

If only Kevin had stayed in the car. Perhaps racing needs to tighten the rules on people staying in the car. There are so many maybes and perhaps. It doesn't matter. It doesn't bring Kevin Ward Jr back.

I'm not posting the video of the crash. It is out there if you want to watch. Kevin Ward Jr may you rest in peace.

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Cathy Kennedy said...

I didn't hear this news. How sad! Common sense should dictate a person in that situation to stay in the car cause anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Unfortunately no matter how tight NACAR is with their rules there will be incidents where drivers to not follow. What a tragedy!