Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thoughts on Michael Sam

As a fan of sports my number one concern for an athlete is can he play. Secondly I hope the athlete is someone cool who signs autographs and helps out in the community. I don't care about their sexual preference or their personal life. It is none of my business.

Michael Sam is an openly gay football player. He was a seventh round pick who played well for the St. Louis Rams. He made it to the final rounds of cuts. I'm sure he is disappointed at being cut. He very well could be picked up by another team.

Gay, bi or straight it does not matter. What matters is can you play. Michael Sam showed he could play, but not necessarily enough to make the team. I wish him well.

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DiscConnected said...

I agree that his sexual preference should not be an issue, but he did make it a headline.

I kind of wished he just shut up and played football, but was glad he abandoned the idea of the training camp documentary.

Remember, if him making the team is all about football, his life outside football should not have been the big story. And he was the reason that was true.

I'm not saying he should have to hide his lifestyle-just don't lead with it. Do you know who any other NFL draft picks are sleeping with?

I would have to think other draftees have been suspected of living a gay lifestyle but chose to keep quiet about their private life and went about their business. This was not as big a story as the media made it out to be (in my opinion), and it would not have been a story at all but for Sam making it one.

I do not believe that Sam was cut by the Rams due to his lifestyle, and think they may have signed him to the practice squad if Dallas did not beat them to it.