Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I am thankful a friend invited me to eat with his family. It was really kind especially since I couldn't be with my family.

Anyway I made a wrong turn on the way to my friend's house. A turn to soon using the navigator. As fate had it I came up to red light an there were some people in a black Mercedes SUV talking to a homeless man. They gave him a full meal and a clean shirt.

The two events taught me a lot about what Thanksgiving should be about.

On the subject of the meal it was delightful. Started out with a nice glass of wine. Probably the best tasting white wine I have ever had. Not saying much since I rarely drink wine. A meal with turkey, potatoes, garden fresh vegetables, squash from the same garden, stuffing, and rolls. I guess you could call it the works. It went by fast, since work was on tapped.

That's my holiday yours?

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