Sunday, November 3, 2013

Still Fishing..

Well the fishing at my usual spot stopped being productive for me so I stopped fishing for about three weeks.
Earlier in September I wrote a post about my fishing adventures. To catch you up I did try another a spot and caught some Southern Kingfish also know as Ground Mullet. No these are not the big Kingfish, they are rather small but supposed to be darn good table fare. This spot was closer to the gulf of Mexico, I also caught my usual suspects croakers and pinfish.

I went back to my regular spot and a lagoon down the road. The lagoon was more freshwater and I managed to catch two nice size hardhead catfish. They like fresh, brackish and salt water. I tired of catching them and went back to my spot and caught a smaller catfish. The spot was good for me I fished it a few times catching more redfish, catfish, some small sea bass, pinfish and croaker. I also caught a new fish for me..

Black drum, I caught two about this size one day..

September was good but October the fishing changed.

Well today was nice, I was running errands and had lunch. My fishing rod was in my truck and where I was felt a lot warmer than 70 degrees like my phone said it was. So I went to my usual bait shop, the guy suggested my spot should still be productive and even hinted I walk out in the water. I asked for other spots and he suggested one I tried the lagoon. I tried my spot with no luck. An osprey flew over me and I saw four pelicans resting on pilings. The birds weren't even fishing and nothing was touching my shrimp. So, I tried the other spot.

Nothing for a while, then I started getting some bites. The fish were better at bait stealing than I was at catching them for sure! The sun was starting to set so I went to the other side of the bridge. It was worth it since I did get to capture this..

Then I was getting some bites on the other side. Finally, I caught something a stingray.

You never know what you might catch. 

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